Ok, ok, I am both a techy and I have something with stuff that goes up in the air. A few people build a real time noise monitoring tool covering the area around our international airport Schiphol Amsterdam (and two more regional airports). As can be expected, there is a constant battle between people living in the area and the authorities. The authorities have tools and models, the people are annoyed by the noise and don’t believe them and feel complaints are simply denied. The tool comprises of around 50 roof mount sensors with embedded computers sending their data to a central database server. Nothing new, except that it is non-governmental and non-airport authorities owned. Now the real cool thing is that they also installed a few receivers mapping the navigational data the plane maintains itself and transmits through its S-mode transponder onto the noise map. While not all aircraft have S-mode transponders and not all navigation data is correct (sometimes you can see an airplane landing a mile next to the runway), it is a very clever way of mapping flight data without relying on ATC or airport provided data. Even more interesting they map the data two dimensional through a flash application but also three dimensional and with a 30 minute graphical history on google earth (switch on the corresponding tree). When run next to the live feed of i.e. Schiphol approach or tower (free registration on atcbox required), you feel kinda in the middle of the action


Note: Due to recent publications, the system is sometimes heavily overloaded.

Disclaimer: I love the sound of a screaming jet engine spooling up and the faint smell of burning kerosine, but I am pretty sure I would feel different if I’d live near the airport.