A scientist here did a study of the 31 terrorist plots here in Europe that actually led to convictions. Of those 31, 3 were a success if you allow me to put it that way (London, Madrid and the murdering of countryman, filmmaker, critic and a$$h$$e Theo van Gogh). The other 28 plots were prevented but did lead to conviction. Although it was generally believed these plots were both financed as well as supported by Al-Qaida, the report paints a completely different picture. 60% of the cases were (to be) committed by young, North-African men. Most were not supported by ANY outside system or group, but motivated by anger about i.e. what is done to the Muslims or Palistinians of this world. The plots were often cracked because the youngsters were high profile braggers maybe even a reason why the “real” guys don’t even consider touching them. I think study this should be valuable input on the war on moisture terror.