This country is the most “wiretapped” country in the world. European legislation is in the making requiring ISP’s and telephone companies to retain all traffic data for a year and a half. This is so wrong I cannot even start to rant about it. From “Webwereld”

… Where our administration errs, is that she treats information like potatoes and gives power she does not understands to people who she appointed herself and for purposes the technology was not meant for. The administration is very willing to treat on it’s civilians privacy if it comes in handy – lazy criminal catching from the armchair, who objects is target for suspicioun – but doesn’t understand how dangerous it is when it surpasses the individual case. (…) Nobody argues it can be helpful to tap a criminal suspects internet line . But to retain every citizen’s data for a year and a half just to be able to do some fine searching is asking for big trouble. The cure is worse than the illness. And it only springs to mind of policy makers bacause of the anonymous magic of technology: nobody would even think more than an second to state it’s unacceptable to follow every citizen’s move 24 hours a day.

… This is no democratic decision. It’s forced upon us. With fear on ones side, bad ideas get wings. Dataretentions is born out of lazyness and it creates a single point of entry for the bad guys. Even in The United States the government doesn’t dare to go this far, but in the Netherlands we want to go as far as possible. It is wrong an dit is based on lazyness, and the outcome can only be one of two: very harmful or fatal. (….) Data retention is criminogeen: it will create more crime than it will prevent or solve. If the law will pass it will only change the internet and the things that work now in policing will stop being effective too. Know what you ask for.

I couldn’t agree more.