Google’s latest service, google documents and spreadsheets is jar-on-floor once you are in collaboration-needy projects. Still, although they are basically and advertising company (shiver) they need to do everything to keep their image shiny. I mean think, they can pretty much track down who you are, and if docs breaks through, your documents and spreadsheets are there too.

The first crack in the image was Banning terms because “Censored google is better for the Chinese than no Google”, well, maybe wasn’t too smart.

A new incident occured on Google owned YouTube the other day. A well know and popular atheist blogger was completely banned from YouTube because he posted a slideshow posting in his eyes violent but public passages from the koran. Mind you, not just this slideshow. I hope google’s crawler doesn’t present those koran results either, they might need to ban themselves. Is there nobody we can trust? Even a bit?

No evil right?

btw, somebody else uploaded it again of course.

Disclaimer: I am a techy, a Microsoft-un-enthousiast and atheist.

Mildly related addition: A higher Belgium court today confirmed a verdict that Google cannot repost news crawled from Begium newspaper sites on it’s news service. In France a similar case is being held in court June 6th. Is resistance slowly rising? Is this a European (or non maybe a non-US) thing?

Addition: google’s star seems to be falling slowly, but still faster??