I blogged about our political system and latest elections back in november. Today, all negotiations were over and the new administration was presented informally. They have to visit the queen, some formal blah blah, and next monday, they are in business.

There was an immediate political row. The new crew has two ministers with two passports, one Dutch and Turkish, one Dutch and Moroccan.

If you followed above link, or have a very good memory, you’d know that nationalistic right wing xenofobic PVV went from nothing to 9 seats (out of 150). As the new crew was presented, the PVV presented an amendement askeding NOT to swear in those two as they “might get into a conflict of interest”. Rather unheard of, the parliaments chairwoman mrs Verbeet (think in terms of your mrs. Pelosi), who by accident is from the same party as the two “victims”, cut off the PVV speaker and refused to process the amendment. She later explained (my translation of course):

“I cannot accept mr. Fritsma to suggesting these two [now still members of parliament] have a double loyalty issue, while they have sworn to the constitution. There is only so much one can take.” She countered PVV’s chairman’s accusations that she was executing party politics as that being “a clich√©”.

Good for her!!!!! Mrs Verbeet is my hero today.

The previous and totally crazy minister who was reponsible for integration of immigrants tried to pass a law forbidding having two passports. That law has been completely mothballed since the elections.

Request for comments from the US readers: Is a double passport legal forUS citizens, and if it is, would it be imaginable that somebody would become say secretary of state while he would have a US and say a Mexican passport?

Addition: Thanks for all your comments. About 1 mln (out of aprx 16 mln) inhabitants of my country have double passports.¬† PVV will try again when the new administration will have it’s first debate with parliament. We’ll see what happens.