I heard this story on KSKA last night. It seems that Alaska’s governor and former U.S. Senator, Frank Murkowski, along with his wife Nancy have been hosting retreats where oil company executives and members of Congress can spend time together at the $1000/night Alaska Waterfall Resort. It would seem that the oil industry picks-up the tab. According to the “Marketplace” report (distributed by American Public Media) at least 3 U.S. Senators (Bond, Enzi and Gramm) may have violated Senate ethics rules by accepting free trips to the get-away. Seems to me that Frank is a bit too cozy with the “leaders of the petrochemical industry” to be trusted managing the resources here in Alaska.

Here’s the link:

Power Trips, Part 3: The Big Fish

P.S. If you look at the Photo Gallery you’ll see Alaska’s former Attorney General Gregg Renkes (now living out of state) who, according to the captions, sits on the board of Waterfall Resort. Renkes resigned in 2005 after it was found out that he may have been using his position with The State of Alaska to promote interest in KFx, an energy company. It was reported, at the time, that Renkes owned about $100,000 worth of shares in KFx which he sold after the potential conflict of interest was made public. Hmmmm.