So. The Saudi’s, the worlds largest oil producers, are our friends, right? They pump us our oil, right? They kinda sorta share our value’s, right? RIGHT?

RIYAD – Saudi-Arabia publicly displayed the bodies of four decapitated Sri-Lankans. After the execution the bodies were tied to wooden bars on a square in a busy part of the capital. The “crucifiction” was meant to counter a wave of criminality by foreigners, according to local media. The convicted were violent gang members, but hadn’t killed anyone. (…) Human rights watchers accuse the kingdom of draconic and random punishment. Executioners decapitate muderers, rapists and drugs traficers in public with a sword.

Where the fuck is CNN??

Furthermore, the western-loyal, extremely loaded, royal family is violently holding the lid on a growing unrest, which is understandably spiced with let’s call it faith issues. Mark my words: they will be our friends for a while, until, suddenly, the gunpowder goes kaboom, and they are not our friends anymore. Hmmmmm, does that sound like Teheran (Iran), but then beefed up??

Added May 16th: by now, the Saudi’s have executed 77 people (by sword), against 37 in all 2006.