Note: I decided to re-post this entry, see below why.

After a bit of (non-extensive) internal discussion, we decided to remove all tracking code from the nest. This is one of the reasons the Media Matters widget has disappeared. *)

We try to keep this site clean (as in, “non evil) so we got rid of that. Now you WILL receive a few cookies when you decide to log in, but that of course is not mandatory. As an advise, at least tell Firefox to broom out your cookies after it closes (under Preferences, Privacy, Use custom settings for History.

Added 08/29: CityKid dropped me a private comment about flash cookies that left me a bit “huh? what’s that?”. Until I checked out, yes only today, what he was talking about. I urge all readers to understand what it is here and here, then, if you haven’t done already, switch to FireFox, and install this plugin. I was completely shocked (but not suprised) there is a very active “parallel cookie universe”, that is handled NOT by the browser and it’s setting at all, but by our dear, most used, evil, plugin Flash. All the more reason to dump it. With HTML5 coming around fast now, we don’t need flash anymore.

Added 09/18: Put MediaMatters back, checking things out a bit.

*) We think Media Matters are good guys. Here is a link to them.