I have written about language and about our national airport before. And about politicians. Yesterday it all came together pretty nicely (not). Background: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in Europe. The Netherlands is one of the smallest countries. Question: What sort of travellers come to Schiphol. Let me see, dificult one, argh, 1+1=?. Ah, 2, right. Transit passengers. Bingo. A local politician from the CDA party (largest party, christian right wing) complained about the airport running their signs in some places in English only. In current populistic timeframe “we should be proud of our language”.
Mind you, we are not talking about the “Keep your passport ready” signs (those are bi-langual), but things like “Toilets” (“Toiletten” in Dutch), “Traintickets” (“Treinkaartes”, I admit, tough one),  “buses” (“Bussen”) and “Parking” (“Parkeren”). All have the internationally standardized icons to it.

Schiphol management laughed him away. They did research after complaints about lettering and it has dramatically improved since they made it all cleaner, read got rid over a lot of double indicators. Now he stated he is sorry he got into a trench-war-argument.

You gotta laugh over these guys. Until the moment you realize we pay them with our tax money and they “represent us”. Jeez.