Last week I had a dinner party with some old collegues-friends. We meet every year. Not surprizingly as the evening got later, we wandered into world issues, life & death, war, loosing friends & family, and other big things. On war, my friend Peter, who is often using a different angle on things suddenly said (I quote him as my memory recalls):

I take a micro-view on these things. Here is this 8 year old girl frisking, playing in the street, a bomb explodes and she lies on the street, dead, her head, brains half torn away. One second it’s a playing kid, one second there is nothing, no life, no kid, the end. It is wrong. It doesn’t matter if the kid is on the right or wrong side of the conflict. It doesn’t matter if “they did 9/11″. That is the same wrongness. It’s all equally wrong. It’s still a dead kid. Trying to see that in a “larger context” only dillutes and ignores that.

Peter’s my friend.