Today, the European parliament took stand against (memberstate) Poland’s policy against homosexuality, especialy a proposed law to criminalize “homosexual propaganda in schools”, whatever that means. The proposal was triggered by an anti-aids campaign organized in Krakow by a gay group about safe-sex. In the leaflet was a picture of kissing men. The response of the Polish representative shows exactly why this move is more than neccesary.

Homosexuality is a joke to the laws of nature and it destroys families. We must help end cure homosexuals, because it’s possible. If not they mean the end of Europe

Emphasis by me. Mind you, we have a few fundamentalist-Christian groups preaching homo-curing too. But this is state sponsored. Kudos to the EP.

Added: explanation of what was meant by the propaganda.

Disclaimer1: I am not gay.

Disclaimer2: the quote is double-translated, which might be inaccurate. I will happily post the official words.