I live in a small, rather wet, moderate climate country. While the pro’s will argue it’s all statistics, we are experiencing insanely high temperatures. See the last 3 months of my weatherstation (thanks again Great Grey).


To give you an idea, when I was a kid, January meant skating. The government agency responsible for water management (my country is for a serious part below sea level) announced it will increase the water level in the major inland water body with one inch, creating an extra 13 billion gallons of water reserve. It hasn’t rained in weeks and it probably won’t for a while. Nah, global warming is just statistics.

Mildly related: it was announced today that Boeing estimated that based on US and New Zealand studies a shalow water body of algae the size of Maryland (or Austria) in a warm climate could provide the fuel for the entire worlds aviation, essentially reducting it’s CO2 emissions to zero.

Added May 6th: We’ll have a little bit of rain tonight after a recordbreaking 30 days dry period. Ground water levels and flow rate in the river Rhine are at an all time low, water temperature at an all time high.

Added May 7th: Rain! Might even go up to 20mm (0.8 inch). That will put a little dent in the shortage, which is not only bad for nature and agriculture, but also affects the stability of the numerous dikes.