Amnesty international published its statistics about captial punishment. Let me quote a bit.

At least 1,591 prisoners were executed by their own governments in 25 countries last year, while 3,861 new death sentences were issued (in 55 countries). Over 20,000 prisoners currently languish on death row across the globe.

91 per cent of all known executions in 2006 took place in six countries: China, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan and the USA.

“These hard core executioners are isolated and out of tune with global trends,” said Ms Khan. “The figures are inexcusable, but even officials in Iraq and China have spoken of their desire to see an end to the use of the death penalty.”

Note: I have a distinct feeling my Chinese friends will not be able to look at amnesty’s website. As I am a small fish that is probably not blocked, I am attaching the relevant page here as a pdf hosted on the nest. The report says about China:

Based on public reports available, AI estimated that at least 1,010 people were executed by the Chinese government last year. These figures are only the tip of the iceberg, with credible sources suggesting the real total is closer to 8,000.

To make sure we all know what we’re talking about, here is the list of execution methods for the top 5 countries. If you decide to follow the links, you will find that i.e. “hanging” can mean either a drop (more or less instant kill) or hoisted with a crane, insuring a long and extremely painful death struggle. Shooting in most cases means a head or neck shot.

  • China: shooting, lethal injection
  • Iran: shooting, hanging, stoning
  • Iraq: shooting, hanging
  • Sudan: shooting, hanging, stoning, crucifixion
  • Pakistan: hanging, stoning
  • USA: lethal injection, electrocution, hanging, lethal gas

p.s.: don’t give me the humane killing discussion bs please, nor the male/female rates. It’s entirely irrelevant. Thanksikoni