Macro view (simplistic)

In Iraq, the Shiites are our friends, the Sunni’s are the enemy. Reasoning: Hussein was a Sunni. Please note that this is the same simplistic reasoning as “Iran is our enemy, Hussein fights Iran, ergo Hussein is our friend”. The Kurds in Northern Iraq, wanting their own state and in conflict with both Iraq as wel as Turkey, are viewed benevolent. Right? RIGHT? Think for a second please if this corresponds with your image of this part of the Middle East.

Micro view (simplistic)

I must confess I stumbled over the video is the day before yesterday before the story appeared on Boing Boing, but then decided it would not post it as there was no caption where it happened and why, and it actually made me sick, not my goal for this blog. The Amnesty report is the most objective I guess, but then, who wants to be objective?

In a short mobile video clip which appears to have been taken by locals at seen of the murder, the girl is seen being ambushed on her way home by a group of up to 1000 men who were waiting for her to return; the men killed her in the most brutal way possible, by throwing large stones on her head. The following clips show that while she is alive and crying for help she is taunted and kicked in her stomach until someone finishes her off by throwing a large stone on her face.

One moment there is a 17 year old girl, maybe bright, maybe stupid, maybe beautiful, maybe ugly, but certainly promising. 30 minutes later, after a barbarian scene, there is only the smell of fear and death and a pulped body. It is so, so wrong, no matter the “crime”.