Just put down the phone and informed my oldest son. The school called to inform the students that a classmate (last year of high school) died this weekend. The rumor is suicide.

So far, in the school career of my kids we had:

  • A Moroccan family living here was almost completely wiped out in a car crash in Morocco, on their vacation. Only one son survived. Parents and two other kids, both in the same classes (elementary school) as mine did not.
  • A classmate of my second son was hit by a car when he crossed a local road with his bike between cars in a traffic jam and was caught by a car coming from the opposite direction. He was in a coma for 2 months before he died.
  • Same son lost another classmate, described earlier here.
  • Now this one.

Added: Rumor travels fast. He is believed to be experimenting with gaseous drugs and was found with a plastic bag wrapped over his head.Loosing consciousness and then asphyxiation. If true, what a stupid waste. At least get a friend watching over the experiment. Please note this is all unconfirmed.