Today, I got the DVD “Touch the Sound”, which is a documentary if that is the proper word of the world of Evelyn Glennie, about who I wrote before. It is an absolutely amazing DVD and if you are even remotely interested in only one of music, rythm, deafness, breathing, heartbeat, culture or sound, I urge you to get it or lend it. Although maybe sort of observing instead of storytelling, and thus for some considered “dull”, I can say I am awed by it. A Japanese drumplayer explained “Life is breath, and if we need to live, we need to breath. We lost that, now we only run”. Very yogic.

Thomas Riedelsheimer, the movie maker writes in the introduction (only a snippet and my translation from German)

The first impressions a human being receives must be vibrations, rhythms and tones, long before the eye awakens. Our own heart connects us with the world – it is our individual metronome. It’s beating tells us about our us and our illnesses, our fears, our desires. It’s beatings is the most important measure in music. The relationship between pulse and music is multifaceted and always changing. Music can healt, depress, unchain and “speak from the heart”. Our heart sows down or speeds up to the rythm of the music we hear. The body seems to synchronize itself with the swinging of our environment. We are embedded in a universe of cycles and rythms.

Technical ps: I got the European PAL version that has Dolby 5.1, normal stereo and DTS on it. I cannot vow for the US version here, but mine is top quality, both sound and imagery.