So, you thought flickr was kinda cool huh? And Google streetmaps, which is what all the fuzz is about now. But what if if somebody took ALL the pictures of the web, matched them together based on it’s semantics (read: how you tagged it), content (what is actually IN the picture) and then spacially connect all those pictures so basically building a photo model of the earth, zooming in and out and around each and every building, mountain, using all the pictures everybody somehow posted on the web. Wouldn’t that be something? It would huh? What about Microsoft doing that? How different would YOU feel about that, compared the the just mentioned fuzz about Google? And apart from those social-private aspects, how would you feel about this technology already being here? From TED, watch this amazing 8 minute presentation.


This is Rome, Vatican city, a detail of the the buildings surrounding the St. Peter square.

Added july 6th: Been there? So you saw the St. Marco plaza eh? well this Virtual Reality rendering from a viewpoint on top of the tower is ver VERY cool too. Requires Quicktime.