I admit completely. This entry is a personal, complaining (partly self-complaining), technical entry. If you’re not into that, just stop reading.


I have always been a loyal fan of HP laserprinters, especially for them being so standard and the drivers ALWAYS working. I actually used scrapped ancient 5N’s for a long time. Always told clients to use them even if they were twice as expensive, cause they would earn it back through less hassle. But I did kinda wanted a color laser and I got a GREAT offer for a 3600N color laser. It was used at a client of a friendly supplier and he sold it to me for EUR 450 + sales tax. It had only printed about 250 pages. I never gave it a shred of thought, no, I couldn’t even imagine it NOT being a PCL printer. But is isn’t. They put in a new page description language (as if we need more next to PCL, PostScript and all those host based printing USB eeewy protocols). It is called “HP JetReady 4.2″ and it stinks. Don’t get me wrong, with the supplied driver it prints really, REALLY nice, not being able to use general drivers and even worse, turning my HP Digital Sender useless for copying is a serious and an uncalled for unnecessary pain. I kick myself for assuming and not checking. But actually I also should kick HP, I mean come on!


Notes to self: 1) Check more. 2) Don’t rely on reputation. 3) Vote with your feet, aka, don’t buy or advice HP anymore.