A thread has popped up on The Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) listserv with the subject line “Conflict over file sharing.” It’s got me thinking about digital again in a very negative way. Digital imagining has decimated the marketplace and workplace for photographers – no income (CityKid made his living as a photographer for 30+ years). The Internet has trashed news outlets – especially local venues. Musician’s are loosing their shirts. All the while – big corporations are cashing in. The original post read as follows and provided a link to a post by David Lowery on The Trichordist: Artists For An Ethical Internet:

> http://thetrichordist.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/letter-to-emily-white-at-npr-all-songs-considered/
> I’m not crazy about the term “Free Culture Movement” and David’s arguments
> do not make me love the major music companies again. But this comes from a
> different side of the tracks
> from what we are used to seeing, and for that reason, is quite interesting.
> Uncle Dave Lewis
> dlewis@gmail.com
> Lebanon, OH

Later after some commentary on the list by some folks I have a great deal of respect for this post appears which links to an earlier post by Lowery at The Trichordist. Food for thought, leading to more angst:

> In case anyone’s interested, David’s extensive post from April
> [http://thetrichordist.wordpress.com/2012/04/15/meet-the-new-boss-worse-than-the-old-boss-full-post/]
> really gets into how musicians are losing out, and not just from illegal
> downloading.
> Chris

The problem is where money from the marketplace is going and who has the voice to convince “the users” what is really going on. This all leads me back to wondering if the problem is technological or if it comes from the businesses that own and produce digital products? I suspect the answer is complicated. More to come no doubt.

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