Swiss senator Dick Marty published a report in Paris today about the secret prisons run throughout Europe by the CIA. He states prisoners were held and questioned there and brought to non-European countries, which is a violation of European law. According to Marty, the US and several European states (especially the “new” European states) signed bi-lateral agreements to this extend in 2001. He also states the highest authorities in Poland and Romania knew about it (they state it’s fiction).

Most information he presented in his previous report was deemed “fiction”, but turned out proved later. The CIA is said to have been in full and strict control and working on a need to know basis.

Part of the newspaper article

A CIA spokesman said they needed to study the report before commenting, but added that Europe gains a substantial advantage by the “energetic and legal” CIA-methods in anti-terror-combat. The European Commission asked Poland and Romania to start a detailed investigation in what went on.

Disclaimer: translation by me.

Added: Closing statement of the report

iv. Concluding thoughts

367. It is my sincere hope that my report this year will catalyse a renewed appreciation of the legal and moral quagmire into which we have collectively sunk as a result of the US-led “war on terror.” Almost six years in, we seem no closer to pulling ourselves out of this quagmire, partly because of the absence of factual clarity – perpetuated by secrecy, cover-up and dishonesty – about the exact practices in which the US and its allies have engaged, and partly because a lack of urgency and political will on both sides of the Atlantic to unite around consensus solutions.

368. By clarifying some of the unspoken truths that have previously held us back in this exercise, I hope I have spurred right-minded Americans and Europeans alike into realising that our common values, in tandem with our common security, depend on our uniting to end the abusive practices inherent in US policies like the “High-Value Detainee” programme.

Please don’t dismiss this post or the report as being cheap anti-Americanism. The report is concentrating on the European government’s willingness to import activities from the US, and that are illegal here too. Already on the first page Germany and Italy are slaughtered. Based on detailed proof, not allegations.