In my country, up until yesterday, there were 32 prisoners serving a life sentence. Counter to popular believe, life means life as in “until death do us part”. Until a few years ago, 20 years was the maximum sentence under “life”, which, in accordance to popular belief, means 13.4 years when the prisoner behaves. This was regarded as too big a gap (I agree), and 30 years (being 20 for real) was introduced by new legislation.

Today, 3 from 6 suspects in a huge inter-criminal liquidation trial were sentenced to life, upping our “sentenced to life” population with 10% in one single trial.

The 30 years could not be sentences, as the murders were committed before the change in legislation.

Note that in a life sentence, the prisoner will try all means to change the verdict. After all there is nothing to loose. So it’s not over.