As I wrote earlier, we have about 1500 soldiers in Afghanistan. Today, the 8th died. 4 in accidents, 1 suicide, 1 roadside bomb, 1 attack in a suicide-attack with a car-bomb, that also killed 5 children. Todays victim was probably killed in an accident with ammunition, news is still sparse.

Let me see. 8 dead in 10 months on a group of 1500, so that is 6.4 killed per 1000 per year. As a comparision, 3526 US soldiers died in Iraq in 1550 days *), on a force of I think (correct me pls) 200.000, that makes about 1.1 killed per 1000 per year. Another math trick? How about killed per year per 1.000.000 inhabitants? Our boys: approximately 0.56, US troops in Iraq about 2.8. Kinda logical is we’ve sent about 1/10000th of our population to Afghanistan, where the US deployed approximately 1/1500th.

*) I am not entirely sure if this number also includes the non-combat deaths.

Tough eh? War in numbers?

Added: As you realize, I like to find links between the US and my country. David Axe is a US correspondent based in the Dutch stronghold, called “Camp Holland”. Here is one of his reports.