English Russia


From “English Russia“:

This was once a Southernmost part of Russia, close to Turkey and Iran lying on the shores of the Black Sea. Very popular Soviet resorts situated there. Now it’s a part of Georgia, though they consider themselves to be an independent part of Georgia. But the most important fact the Soviet structures that were left there 20 years ago after USSR started to collapse stay there untouched and unmaintained because budgets of these small countries sometimes are not enough even to supply electricity and heat to its citizen. There were many periods of time when people of these places lived without any centralized electricity for months, almost every apartment had to be equipped with independent diesel generator of electricity, and that task was not easy when there are no jobs and the average salary is ten dollars per month.

It reminds me of a kinda saddening seven-piece wall-poster set I had as a kid. It depicted a beautiful German rural scene, with seven year intervals. The first one was very, a small house, a beautiful apple tree, and went through urbanization, to finally a freeway cutting the landscape, flanked by neon on office buildings (yes a tad cheap, I know). A then well known politician wrote an accompanying letter, basically saying we should be careful with rural development. But I distinctly remember the last sentence of that letter: “My kids don’t see it as saddening at all, they look at them in the reverse order”. Isn’t it interesting how, in only 20 years, serious infrastructure can be overtaken by nature? Give it 80 more and you won’t see a thing anymore I bet.