You all remember Wolfowitz. As I wrote back then, Ab Melkert was the chairman of the ethical committee. The investigators concluded that Wolfowitz was wrong and the E.C. was kinda right, but could have acted better. Not unexpected, this mouse has a little longer tail. Melkert is now the second man in the UNDP (United Nations Development Program). The US ambassador at the UN filed a complaint against Melkert, accusing him to threaten for “retaliation” if the US would continue the investigation in UNDP spending in North Korea, which the US is said to believe is used for weapons (the “Cash for Kim” scandal).

The UNDP fiercly denies the accusation of the “retaliation” sentence, but in all honesty, Melkert is a slick burocrat who knows how to survive. However….. rumor is those US investigators are good acquaintances of…… yep, mr. Wolfowitz.

Well, well, well. This sort of revenge does not serve the standing of a world power. If Melkert is covering up wrongdoing, just keep on digging up the facts.