Pew Global Attitudes Project researches how the world thinks about super-powers and their leaders (in particular the U.S., Russia and China and their leaders/leadership). Here is the website, and here is the full report.




A 47-nation survey finds global public opinion increasingly wary of the world’s dominant nations and disapproving of their leaders. Anti-Americanism is extensive, as it has been for the past five years. At the same time, the image of China has slipped significantly among the publics of other major nations.

The Pew Global Attitudes survey finds a general increase in the percentage of people citing pollution and environmental problems as a top global threat. The proportion of people who view environmental degradation as a major threat to the planet has increased significantly in 20 of 35 countries for which trends from 2002 are available.

In the current poll, majorities in 25 of the 47 countries surveyed express positive views of the U.S. However, America’s image remains abysmal in most Muslim countries in the Middle East and Asia, and continues to decline among the publics of many of America’s oldest allies.

My country is not in this list, but my bet is if you mediate Germany and Britain, you’re pretty close.