Two of my children attent “bi-ligual high school”, which means about half of the lessons are given in (Cambridge) English. In their 5th (of 6) year, being around 17 years old in our school system, they are obliged to go on a 1-3 weeks immersion trip, preferably alone, to be arranged lodging and a job all by themselves, to make them use, think, dream the language. Yesterday evening, we had an information session for next years trip. Here’s the fun part. There were 5 presentations by students who went this year, sharing their experience. Next to being very impressed by their oral language skills (I give it to you to being 17, doing a presentation to about 150 adults in a foreign language), it was also hilarious.

One of the guys ended up having a a sort of gopher job in Florida for “Peggy”, a financial planner. Unfortunately he was denied access to the meetings she had, but what was an absolute hoot was when he started talking about the most amazing quotes, which of course occured when they were talking culture, taxes and politics.

On belief

Guy: “Yes, we do have a few muslims in our classes.”


On obesity

Peggy: I think it has all to do with being lazy. I know an obese lazy person. He must be the most lazy WHITE person I know!

BTW, I was impressed. These kids had been taking on jobs such as class assistant on a primary school in the UK, building houses for the poor in Indiana and giving computer training to elderly people in Florida. Hats off!