Marihuana (pot) and hashish are both products of the hemp plant. People grow hemp for centuries. Hemp fibers are used to make clothes, rope and paper. It also contains healing substances against quite a few illnesses. The intoxication drug is usually made from the female plant.

Pot contains the leaves and the flowers (the tops) of the hemp plant. Nederwiet (“Netherpot”, in the 70′s disaaprovingly called spinach), isthe name for domestically grown species.

Hashish is produced by filtering or centrifuging the neck glands of the plant. If the resin is pressed or kneaded, a block of hashish forms, usually black or brown. In coffee-shops a huge assortment of hashish and pot can be obtained from different countries like Maroc and Thai (from Morocco and Thailand respectively).

Hemp plants contain over 400 substances. The best know is THC. Netherpot contains relatively much THC. This makes the user stoned fast and deep. Hashish acts slower and longer. Non-domestic pot doesn’t make the user physically stoned, but does create a “high”. The difference is caused by other substances than THC. THC-levels have stabilized after going up for many years. Users (“blowers”) adjust their smoking behavior based on how strong the pot is.