I’m back.

I must confess I was sorta mildy into the copyright discussion. As an IT guy, you don’t want your code stolen and want artists to get a fair share, but on the other hand, the insane criminalization of music listeners and screwed up DRM-ed recordings is of course out of this world.

Until I saw this. This front runner of the Swedish Pirate Party Rick Falkvinge is making a strong case against copyright because it attacks serious fundamental democratic rights. Example: the music industry lobbies in Europe to make copyright infringement punishable with 4 years imprisonment. This is not arbitrary: in a lot of European countries crimes of this severity allow for wiretapping without warrant. And there goes your right for private communication. I seriously think we need to consider more and more end-to-end encrypted messaging. Very worth the almost one hour watch.

Edit: please note the comment below is from Rick. I feel honored.