I put these links in Miro, and I am still flabbergasted. If you are anywhere interested in how the brain operates, dump the mindnumbing TV for a few hours and watch this. Excellent view and more than worth it.

(…) It is a six part [BBC] series covering virtually every area of contemporary neuropsychology, including the major researchers, discoveries, techniques and even many of the patients who have been the subjects of classic case studies that have helped us understand the curious effects of brain injury.

(…) It’s a landmark series in its accuracy and scope, and because it’s so engrossing for both the seasoned professional and the general viewer.
(…) [direct link to the torrents. Make sure you have Miro installed]

Episode 1: All in the Mind
Episode 2: In the Heat of the Moment
Episode 3: The Mind’s Eye
Episode 4: First Among Equals
Episode 5: Growing the Mind
Episode 6: The Final Mystery

Read the warning in the original post about TorrentSpy (many thanks Mind Hacks).

Added: if you want a 15 times fast-forwarded version of this, listen to Vilayanur Ramachandran on TED.