Skype has proven my most valuable connectivity tool in the last 3 years. I am anxiously waiting for Skype-in numbers in my country and when it happens I will kill my business landline. Unfortunately, while I was abroad where Skype has it’s most value (call my country for 1.7 Eurocent per minute, aproximatelyt $0,02, instead of around one Euro per minute, $1.30 per minute using my cellphone), it suffered a complete network meltdown for about 2 days, in which my brother in law was admitted to hospital. Oh well.

While the official statement will be out Monday, I am guessing the last client update ( contributed to the problem as soon as sufficient numbers were rolled out. Too much of a coincidence there is a new version up now. Still guessing I would advice everybody to veer away from 0.202 as soon as possible.