Belgium (my neighbors) is a strange country. It is divided by an invisible line roughly going from the south-west to the north-east. The north-west part is Flanders. They speak sorta Dutch, 2/3rd of the population lives there and generally speaking, the economic situation is not bad. the south-eastern part is Wallonia. The language is French. Economically, things are not as good there. Think former mine country. Brussels, the capital and also the main seat of the European burocracy is smack in the middle and, not surprisingly, it has a separate status. As anyone can image in a setting like this, politics is a form of art there. But maybe not for much longer. For months now after the last elections, they have been trying in vain to form a stable administration (remember kids, multi party system and always a coalition needed). The Flemish are tired of subsidizing the south, the Wallonians are sick of being told what to do. So, the unthinkable is appearing in the newspapers: maybe we should call it quits, fire the King and go out own way, same as what happened with Czechoslovakia. I can’t see it happening, but if so, why not simply split between The Netherlands and France, and make Brussels a sort of “D.C.”?

Update: by now, after 3.5 months of trying, the latest “scout” has returned his assignment to the king. 40% if the Flemish are now in favor of a split, 10% of the Wallonians are. And they are now seeing that this is starting to hurt economy. Investors are backing out of an unstable situation.