I wrote earlier about OpenOffice.org, the open source alternative to MS Office. Things are in serious turmoil in office-land.

First, after allegations of manipulation by MS, the fast track route to ISO-standardize the document format they submitted was still turned down. This doesn’t mean OpenXML as MS calls it is turned down, just that it won’t be fast tracked. OpenOffice.org’s competing format, called ODF, already is a standard. This is an issue as more governments are expected to use standardized document formats exclusively.

Next, China (Redflag) announced they would throw in 50 programmers, with a focus on Calc.

And now IBM will contribute (believe me, when they say that, whey will not dedicate 2 programmers), with a focus on accesibility.

Together with the hundreds of people working on it, this will not only increase the development power, but heightens credibility a lot. Oh and btw, next to it producting those standardized documents and saving to PDF straight out, it also runs on Mac, Linux, etc.

Me, I tossed out Office long ago and am a happy OpenOffice.org user. So much more intuitive. IBM’s move will get me more Lotus Notes integration too, yeah!!

Mildly related: One of the larger global IT companies, CapGemini is starting to sell Google Docs Premier Edition. While I too have my doubs about the evilness of Google, I love docs, especially when collaborating with a team on data or documents.