“Buried alive for $100″. A family here will gladly put you in a coffin (air provided through a pipe), bury you 6 feet, and hoist a 8000 pound concrete block on top of you. There is an emergency button and you have an intercom. Max time: one hour. Here is a link to the Dutch newspaper article.

Buried alive

Small excerpt:

With a bang the coffin closes. Then the moaning of the crane. Another bang. The 8000 pound concrete block is in place now too. Here I am. 6 feet underground. 45 minutes to go.


The experience of previous customers – about 4 a month in high season – is that I should be prepared for a little panic attack. “Everybody flips out for a moment, especially at the beginning”, Francien told me while having coffee. Whatever happens next, is different for each individual. One started to talk with the dead, others have taken radical decisions about their lives. “You’re completely thrown back on yourself. No phone, only your brains. Makes you think eh?” Francien said.