After 183 years the oldest bank in the Netherlands and one of the oldest in the world, ABN-AMRO, comes to an end. Eight months of fierce battling between on one hand British bank Barclays and on the other hand what was called “the back trio” (Belgian Fortis, Royal bank of Scotland and Spanish Santander) ended today when at closure only a fraction of the stocks were offered to Barclays, who had insisted on 80%. It’s offer, untill June preferred by ABN-AMRO, was lower and in less plain cash than the trio’s, who will cut it in pieces.

It was grandiose. Amongst other moves, ABN-AMRO sold for 15 billion Euro’s (21Bln$) it’s American bank LaSalle, which was by many regarded as a “sick pill move”, cause it would probably make Santander loose interest. That transaction went through a few court rulings.

What is kinda interesting is that this deal is valued aroud 71 billion Euro’s, making it the biggest ever M&A deal in the financial sector worldwide (so say the newspapers). I am waiting for a good book to be published about this, if possible comparable with the fantastic “Barbarians at the gate, the fall or RJR Nabisco”, which I read in one go.