My country is one of the most de-churched in western Europe. Per December 2005 the rough statistics are:

  • Christianity (either catholic or protestant): 43%
  • Islam: 6%
  • Other: just over 2%
  • None: 49%

Despite these figures 70% indicates it feels “connected” with Christianity. My conclusion is that roughly 22% are real atheists, and 27% are more or less Christians but do not feel bonded with the bible, church or anything. Children of Muslims are almost exclusively muslims too. About 30% of children of Christians divert from Christianity, making these pretty fluid figures.

What triggered me to write about this? This article, emphasis and wikipedia link by me.

When it comes to eradicating polio, the world is facing a dilemma. Developing countries can no longer be sure that using relatively cheap live polio vaccines will extinguish the virus, (…)

The dilemma has been brought into focus by news that a strain of polio the world has already eradicated has re-emerged in northern Nigeria.

In 2003, cases of wild polio virus skyrocketed in Nigeria after its religious leaders denounced vaccination. “Vaccination only really recovered last year,” says Bruce Aylward, head of the World Health Organization’s polio eradication campaign, and the number of people with polio has fallen with it. This year Nigeria has had 191 cases of polio as of 25 September, compared to 836 by the same date in 2006.

Why oh why does this keep on happening one asks. Please don’t put it on “dark African ignorance” please, thanks.