We use the word “Photoshop” virtually unchanged in our language, as in “whoa, they photoshopped her for sure”. The word “photo” is spelled as “foto” though, but the pronounciation is virtually the same as in English. Now, “to fib” here is worded as “jokken” (pronounce as “yock’n”). You got it, a new word is emerging here, “fotojokken” (to photo-fib). It has a tight fit/rhyme with “photoshoppen” (the Dutchyfied verb form of “to photoshop”) and my God does EVERYBODY knows what it means inuitively.

A movement is urging especially women’s magazines to either declare themselves “un-photoshopped” or state which pictures are “shopped”. Among quite a few local magazines,  including Opzij, a feminist magazine, even Playboy promised they would put a logo “Photoshop-free” or “Photoshopped” on the cover of their September issue. I surely hope this will stick a bit.

I love what Dove’s doing through the dove self-esteem fund too. Previously with the well know clip going from photosession to billboard, this campaign’s slogan is: “Talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does“.