Flu season starting here, I’m up for my shot early next month, as I am in a risk category. Many people think a nasty cold is flu (influenza), but it isn’t. Anyway, some interesting facts I would like to share.

  • Cold season indeed is a flu (and cold) stimulant. But not because we’re more susceptible or the virus gains magic powers by the weather. The reason is simply that we vent our houses less and lock ourselves in too much. Lesson: insulation is good, but keep some air flowing.
  • Best flu (and cold) suppressor is not the shot. Is is: wash your hands, then wash your hands, then wash your hands again. Before and after food, after you-know-what, and in general, as often as possible.
  • Know how to wash hands. Soap does NOT kill bacteria let alone viruses. Soap is an entirely mechanical aid, it bridges water to fatty material, so it helps rinsing off the germs, no chemical magic involved. Knowing that, the routine is: soap hands and rub carefully, up to the wrists and between the fingers (see picture below). Then rinse with lots of water. Use a paper towel and close the valve using the towel.
  • Do not use anti-bacterial soap. It will not kill viruses and the will only help the surviving bacteria to get more resistant.
  • Do not ever sneeze in your hand or on the back of your hand. If is probably worse than sneezing in the air, which is a big nono as we all know. The best thing to do (read any hospital procedure) is to sneeze or cough in the sleeve of your shirt.

Wasing hands

More tips? Post as comments pls. Stay healthy!

Added:  Another study seems to prove that as far as transmission through air (aerosol transmission) is non existing at 30C (90F) and maximized at 5C (40F), which is proof of the seasonal uproar of influenza. Also, low humidity adds to aerosol transmission, adding to the winter effect even more. The scientists from that study strongly suggest vaccination as the method and play down the effect of washing hands, but they do concur it helps a lot against the common cold.