Now that the Californian fires are slowly coming under control it might be time for a “connection”, as Katrina and the flooding of a large part of my country in 1953 is.  But this goes back further. In 1421 and 1452, major parts of Amsterdam burned down. Wooden build houses, no infrastructure to put out fires, add the proper circumstances and there ya go. In 1521 Karel the 5th forbid the building of wooden houses in the city. Even now, there are only 2 all wooden house in all of Amsterdam.

Begeijnhof 34  Begeijnhof 34 “The wooden house”, dated 1470 (says Wikepedia, the website of the city mentions 1425), and probably the oldest wooden house in the Netherlands (picture Wikipedia)

Zeedijk 1  Zeedijk 1, dated aproximately 1550. (Zeedijk is the Red Light district, picture website of the city)