Sorry this subject returns. From a local newspaper; it didn’t seem to show on CNN’s website.

New York, Nov. 16. The Human Rights Commission of the General Assembly of the UN voted yesterday with a large majority in favor of a moratorium on executions.

99 countries voted in favor, including the Netherlands and other EU countries. 52 States voted against and 33 abstained from voting. In particular, the United States, China and a number of developing countries, particularly in the Islamic world, want to retain the death penalty.

During the at times fierce debate, among others Malaysia, Singapore, Egypt, Botswana, Iran, Barbados and the Bahamas argued against the resolution. Europe has been criticized for imposing Western values on the rest of the world. According to the Singapore UN representer that is “hypocritical and intolerant”.

According to the resolution that was eventually adopted, the death penalty undermines human dignity. In addition to a moratorium on executions it calls for a reduction in the number of offenses for which the death penalty may be imposed.

The ultimate goal of the resolution is for the death penalty to gradually be abolished altogether. The adoption of the non-binding resolution by the General Assembly plenary of the 192 members in December is seen as a formality.

According to human rights organization Amnesty International the resolution adopted Thursday is a “historic and significant step towards universal abolition of the death penalty”.

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