We are upgrading this to Tiga 2.3, to fix the broken left sidebar; Great Grey moved us to WordPress 2.3.1. earlier on. Plowing through some customization, bear with me please while this looks “wrong”.

Added: Getting there, just need to plug in Media Matters somehow. Great Grey, please note this is tiga-06 I am working in. The two tiga themes are confusing. If you switch, note I upgraded tiga-06 and renamed tiga to tiga-old.

Added: I think I am done. Everybody happy? Please add comments to this post. Great Grey, I redid the logo changes as documented in August 2006. I did NOT incorporate Media Matters in the source (dunno if you did that), but as the default positioning of the widgets in the sidebar has changed anyway, I used the Presentation / Widgets editor to fic the sidebar and you can see I tweaked Media Matters in Text 1.