This is a story where our nations are connected in a less happy way.

Two years ago, American teenager Natalee Holloway disappeared in the night, never to be seen again, on the beach of Aruba, which is part of the kingdom I live in. Local police is said to have screwed up badly, leading to her parents pulling every single rope they could, including strap in Fox News and “Dr Phil” for their good cause. The FBI went in too and of course followed their own agenda. From then on, the horrible tragedy only went downhill of course. Fact is, Dutch adolescent Joram van der Sloot, son of a prosecutor on the Caribbean island, together with two brothers, saw the 19 year old girl, alive the last, and cooked up an alibi to put them out of the picture. The were detained for a while. On request of the Aruban government, the Dutch police took over the investigation and today, Joram and the two are arrested again. The prosecutors claim “substantial new evidence”. He’ll be flown to Aruba this week, but not to party.

Added dec 8: The two brothers were released earlier this week, Van der Sloot yesterday.

Added dec 19: Case is closed for the prosecutors. Unless stunningly new evidence is found, there is no case. In the meantime, an American high-tech vessel is scanning up till depth of 2 miles.