Please read this previous post about the placement of pictures in 3D space. Think with me for a moment. This card (I bought one) appears as a standard memory card to your camera.

Eye Fi

The bloody cool thing hunts for open wifi internet access and uploads your pictures automatically to Flick, or Picassa (Google), or Microsoft, Facebook (yeah sure, after the Beacon debacle). And of course the camera adds the timestamp and zoom factor. Some camera’s add already GPS coordinates; I am pretty sure within 5 years that will be a totally standard feature. Give it two more years, and the camera will also add 2 dimensional directional coordinates, in other words, embedded in tags in the pictures is a complete record of where it was taken, where the camera was pointing to and what the field view was. Want to get really paranoia (or realistic)? Count on the camera adding a owner tag (“Jakes Minolta”), but also the camera’s serial number to the photo files. And you still want them uploaded to MySpace? Walmart? Snapfish? Crawled my Google, Microsoft, Yahoo ir IBM? Displayed as seen in that other post? With your name either openly or hidden added to it? I didn’t think so either. The data world is getting scary.

Added: The eye-fi refuses to work on my Konica Minolta Dimage 600.