Through Google talks I ran into Dasher, a small text input program using language probability and the analog nature (instead of binary key clicking) of our body. The program uses simple movements, whether by mouse, eyetracking or just bending a finger to enter text . Actually I am writing this with dasher. It is very hard to explain how it works , but maybe the best way to describe is using a car analogy. I am driving over the most probable letter combination, mildly steering toward my intended goal.While I don’t see it replacing the keyboard soon it has some cool properties such as language independency. OK, quitting dasher here and typing on. Fantastic for the disabled, RSI affected, and it could come to your PDA or cell phone (for texting) soon. Give it a go, they have a Java applet running in the browser for the heck of it. Sure beats enter text on a numerical phone keyboard.