Just thinking out loud.

Now that 2500+* U.S. citizens enlisted in the military have died in Iraq and Afghanistan and 10′s of thousands more have been left legless, armless or had their brains scrambled I can’t help but wonder when the “press” will start reporting on defective equipment that has been designed, developed and distributed to our troops by the “corporate elites;” some with family ties to the White House. So far “the press” has been silent despite numerous opportunities to report what’s really happening. What have all those billions of dollars – our tax dollars – really been spent on???? Where is “the press?” Body armor aside (a popular topic for “the press” that only touches the tip of the iceberg), what about ceramic armor on humvees etal. that improperly cured sends a cloud of knife like shards through the body of the vehicle tearing flesh to hamburger when struck by a rocket or an IED? What of the active amour that has zapped the mechanics working on the equipment or more than a few troops, perhaps more dead than those it was intended to protect? Where the “f___” is “the press?” A liberal press my ass; the Fourth Estate is guilty of silence. If history repeats itself, it will be the vets who will expose the corruption and thievery of the procurement birds in the Pentagon.

* And what about the contract employees, the former SF, Delta Force, and SEALs and others with long term or specialized military experience who opted to go with private contractors. Maybe the number of dead U.S. Civilians should be placed closer to 4,000 or even 5,000? D.O.D. has engaged private firms, in part, to keep the US body count low. Mums the press. And don’t think I’ve forgotten about the dead people who used to live in the countries we’ve decided to invade; they out number US casualties, as usual, by a substantial margin.