Me aviation enthusiast. A British Airways Boeing 777 coming from China touched down short of the runway at London Heathrow. Everybody walked away from it and no fire, but the plane is probably a write off as the wings are punctured, a landing gear was ripped off and some serious engine damage can be expected . There is a lot of speculation on the cause, with the most probable ones:

  • fuel starvation (very possible give what happened, but they would have known earlier. But stranger things have happened)
  • massive control malfunction (given the spotless track record of the 777, not that likely. But stranger things have happened)
  • pilot error, while handling an engine failure on final (accidents are usually cause by more than one trigger, so possible. But stranger things have happened)

Great grey will have some thoughts on this.

Added: latest is the engines did not respond to a required power increase command. I’m speculating on either fuel contamination or a malfunction in the engine’s control system (probably software or sensors).

Heathrow 777 accident