Ban Ki-moon is my friend. After the US refused to re-negotiate the non-proliferation agreement on nuclear material, and is finally coming around *), non-western countries now demand to also include space weapons non-proliferation in the discussion, something the US plainly refuses. So, again, non-proliferation talks and modernization are stalled.

Ban Ki-moon addressed 65 ambassadors and told them the naked truth, stating that while at last everybody seemed convinced about the importance of the matter, “you seem to be unable to even agree on an agenda”. “Not that space weapons race isn’t important, but that should be negotiated without taking other issues hostage”, after which he wished everybody a happy new year and left. Good for him.

*) Sure, nuclear knowledge (and material) isn’t sold like cake these days, and sure, there is no North Korean nuclear crisis, and sure, nuclear state Pakistan is stable as hell. The administration’s attitude seems to be when denial is no longer an option, drop the now hot potato on the UN.