Peter R. de Vries, ex-copper, TV-crime journalist and royal PIA for the police and justice department, claims he cracked the case. All will be revealed coming Sunday, when his show is aired. So far he has only said Natalee definitely is not alive anymore and that her mom arrived at Amsterdam airport today on his request to be briefed. I will add to this post Sunday or Monday.

Please note that PRdV is a character that usually cleverly presents his shows in a way you think you know the truth and that he proofed it too, but in reality, it is NOT always the case. Still, for the sake of friends and family, I do hope he lives up to his promises, with proof that is.

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Added: Oprah will air the same show Monday. PRdV might be there too. If it will be anything other than drugs + sex-on-the-beach + O.D.-ed girl + panicking boys + bad decision making (drugs tend to do that you know) + sucked into lying, I will let you know here.

Added: Yep, as stated above. One thing I did find rather weird though. Her mom was flown to Amsterdam, told the story, tears, etc., then she said “Look what they did to our country…” (huh???), “Look what they did to our family…” (sure), “Look what they did to Natalee” (oh yeah her too, last one in line).

Added: The guy who nailed Joram into his (not legally bound) confession, was denied access to the US last week, based on a 13 year old minor drug offense. He was on US soil for 1.5 hour and was put on a flight back by US immigration.