Gates has called on Germany, who is on a rebuilding mission in the relatively quiet area of northern Afghanistan, they should come down to the south and fight. This was done in somewhat un-diplomatic language.

Rotterdam, Feb 1. In exceptionally sharp words, American Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, called on his German colleague Franz Josef Jung to send soldiers to southern Afghanistan. In the letter, viewed by the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Gates complained about the lack of European NATO forces in the south, which shows an emerging division between the allies and NATO to lose credibility.

Germany contributes with over 3,100 soldiers contribute to the NATO-led stabilisation Force ISAF, in the relatively quiet northern provinces of Kunduz and Faizabad.

According to the German Ministry of Defence other European allies have a similar call from Gates.

Two comments.

  • Oh, that will certainly go down great after Robert’s earlier smart remarks about the allies.
  • Won’t happen. In Germany, parliament and the public opinion is against this whole thing and the administration is let’s say not enthusiastic. And don’t forget this: Germany overran Europe a few decades ago. Germany + war still raises some hairs here, understandably.