Can somebody see if this is downloadable? Or post me the link to the core media, so I can check if the ip checking is dumb enough to have me watch it anyway? Thank you!

Great Grey’s link actually did it. Miro is happily downloading the torrent as we speak, yeah! Thank you!

Great Grey helped me get my hands on this PBS show called Astrospies. Here is the link again, which is pointing to a bittorrent. Miro happily downloaded and showed it in crystal clear impressive DVD like quality. Pretty interesting to see how a whole separate manned space program was being secretly developed in parallel to the Apollo missions.

I will leave it in my Miro library for a couple of weeks and can see it is feeding (or seeding as that is called) it again to others. Smart.

As for PBS: I like them, great programs. How sad they are putting up rights restrictions on even their own productions, hampering obviously only the less computer literate.