I wrote earlier about “Deep throat”, to be aired tonight. Today in a local newspaper the comic “Fokke en Sukke”:

Title: “Fokke and Sukke finally understand why Rouvoet *) was so against broadcasting”

Fokke: THAT doesn’t make them get kids.

Rouvoet is the name of the right christian wing minister who announced “the administration would investigate if it was possible to forbid the broadcast”, and was quickly overruled by the one who is in charge of the public network system, saying “we will not do any investigation. In fact, the administration has no opinion about any program of any broadcaster”, closing the case.

Added February 25th: Loosely translated quote:

(…) The broadcast did kick up quite some dust in advance. Believers claimed action with prayers. Christian oriented political parties had major objections to airing the porn movie. The Christian parties see the film as a form of “sexual exploitation and profit”. Despite that, according to the agency that polls viewers behavior, 160,000 CDA votersĀ  (y-t: biggest party. Christian focus) watched the channel between 00.30 pm and 01.30 pm. 20.000 ChristenUnie voters (y-t: Fundamental Christians) were watching at that time.

So far, a complete non-item.